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Laufey and Ragna
Laufey is the youngest of Asvald’s sisters and currently lives happily with her wife, Ragna, a solitude guard. Ragna is strict, gruff, has a reputation for being quite intimidating and is easily flustered by her very affection wife. 

Art Blog:
Snow-Strider Family

The father of my dragonborn, Valkari, has four sisters and I’ve been thinking a lot about them lately and how they each come into play in Valkari’s story so I drew them up as well as their significant other (if they have one)

More details about each of them below the cut

Edda - Eldest Sibling

- Currently resides in High Rock 

- Married into a very wealthy, high ranking Breton family (Marriage was arranged)

-In charge of the Rainier family militia

-Has two sons

Mabil - Elder Twin

- Currently resides in Cyrodiil 

- Married into a wealthy merchant class family

- Runs an expensive inn in the Imperial City

- Has three Children

Asvald - Younger Twin

- Valkari’s father

- Current location unknown (last lived in Skingrad in Cyrodiil) 

- Served in Great War at the age of 17 before becoming a sell sword 

- Took up blacksmithing after settling down

Sif - Second Youngest

- Current location unknown

- Not so much the “black sheep” of the family as just detached from them

- Up and left the household at 18 to work at the Dawnstar docks before boarding a ship and never returning

- Some rumors say she’s an adventurer, other’s say she runs a merchant ship, and there’s even talk that she took up pirating 

Laufey - The Youngest

- Only sibling still living in Skyrim

- Owns a small farm outside of solitude with her wife 

Art Blog:
So I don't post all too much here on Deviantart anymore, every once in a blue moon I update

But I have created a tumblr art blog where I'll be more consistent in posting artwork

if you're interested its called Kayla Scribbles
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